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App 应用类iOSapp开发 智城

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目前已经有android app已上线,要开发相同功能的iOS app。 必须使用SwiftUI,在深圳 还有几个项目要开发

Algorithm & Library 工程机械设备数字化管控平台(施工企业用) 开源众包 Recommended

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**工程机械设备的数字化管控平台包括以下功能:** 1. **实时监控与数据采集** :平台能够实时收集工程机械设备的运行状态数据,如工作时长、油耗、位置、速度、温度、压力等关键参数,确保管理人员能够及时了解设备的实时状态。 2. **故障预警与诊断** :基于实时数据分析,平台能够预测设备可能出现的故障,并提前发出预警。在设备出现故障时,平台能够协助快速定位故障原因,提供维修建议。 3. **智能调度** :根据工程需求和设备资源分布情况,平台能够自动生成最优的设备调度方案,提高设备的利用率和作业效率。 4. **维护管理** :平台可以记录设备的维护历史,设定维护计划,提醒管理人员进行定期维护,确保设备处于良好的工作状态。 5. **数据分析与报告** :平台可以对收集的数据进行深入分析,提供设备使用效率、维护成本、运行状况等方面的报告,为管理决策提供数据支持。 6. **资产管理** :平台可以记录和管理工程机械设备的资产信息,如设备型号、购买日期、生产厂家等,并跟踪设备的使用历史、维护记录和性能数据。 7. **安全管理** :平台可以监控设备的操作是否符合安全规定,防止违规操作,并在设备出现危险状态时自动触发安全保护机制。 8. **移动应用支持** :平台通常提供移动应用,使管理人员可以在移动设备上查看实时数据、接收通知和进行简单的操作。 9. **用户权限管理** :平台可以控制不同用户对系统的访问权限,确保数据的安全性和完整性,并记录用户的操作日志,便于追踪和审计。 这些功能共同构成工程机械设备的数字化管控平台,旨在提高设备的管理效率、降低维护成本、优化资源配置,从而提升企业的整体竞争力。

Algorithm & Library H5应用 开源众包

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Algorithm & Library 办公和数据处理VUE页面前端开发 开源众包 Recommended

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Project keys/tags: javascript html5 css vue.js

主要工作内容:VUE网页端开发、需要能够设计和美化页面。 页面主要内容:办公、数据管理、数据处理、数据和图像展示相关等。 要求: 1、熟悉前端开发 2、熟悉VUE框架 3、熟悉Element UI(尤其是页面组件样式的定制和调整) 4、具备设计能力和美工基础 5、要求有相关项目经验(提供可展示案例)

Algorithm & Library 某乎文章爬取 开源众包

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知乎VIP文 付费文 链接出文 卡片出文 书名出文 链接 能搞定然后搞成接口做到宝塔系统里,让php调用 搭建个人网盘 可以访问下载密钥即可

Algorithm & Library 消费类客户关系管理crm系统 开源众包

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类似于市面上的商家会员管理系统 1. 智能财务对账,轻松管理店铺 2. 会员基础管理 3. 小程序和PC端集成 4. 活动管理、服务管理 5. 产品管理 建议用java+vue体系完成;

Web Engaging Website Bar Graphs for Surveys freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 33

Project keys/tags: javascript php html website-design graphic-design

I need a freelancer skilled in data visualization to create engaging bar and stacked bar graphs for the website I'm developing. The graphs will be used to display survey results, adding a dynamic and interactive aspect for users to understand data easily. Requirements: • Proven experience in creating bar and stacked bar graphs • Strong understanding of data visualization best practices • Familiarity with representing survey results visually Ideally, you should be able to interpret and represent complex survey data in a simple and visually appealing manner. Your graphs should facilitate easy comprehension of the survey results and should be incorporate effectively into website design.

Algorithm & Library GoLang Developer Required for API and Database Tasks freelancer Recommended

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Project keys/tags: typescript golang amazon-web-services

I need a skilled GoLang Developer who can help with several crucial aspects of my project. \- **API Development**: \- You should be well-versed in building APIs. \- The API requires: \- Data Retrieval: I need to fetch information from the database through API endpoints. \- Data Storage: I also need to send data to the database through the API. \- **Database Design and Implementation**: \- You should have experience with PostgreSQL. \- As part of the project, you will be responsible for designing and implementing the database schema. \- **Performance Optimization**: \- As a GoLang Developer, you need to ensure that the API's performance is optimized for speed and efficiency. **Skills and Experience**: \- Proven experience in GoLang, API Development, and Database design ...

Algorithm & Library Lead-Generating Affiliate Program Creation freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 42

Project keys/tags: php software-architecture mysql internet-marketing sales

I am looking for a skilled professional to create an affiliate program that focuses on generating leads primarily from online service providers. Your experience with affiliate marketing and understanding of the online services industry are critical for this role. The reward system will be based on a pay- per-sale model. Key Responsibilities: \- Create a strategy to attract online service providers \- Develop a pay per sale reward system \- Implement the affiliate program, focusing on lead generation Ideal skills and experience: \- Strong understanding of affiliate marketing \- Proven track record of creating successful affiliate programs \- Deep understanding of online service providers landscape \- Experience with pay-per-sale affiliate models.

Algorithm & Library CSGO Skin Inspector Sticker Position Fix freelancer Recommended

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Project keys/tags: javascript html react-js website-design react-js-framework

I'm looking for a developer to address an issue with my CSGO skin inspector. The current problem is the stickers are not positioned accurately on the skins. Key Requirements: \- Troubleshoot and fix the current issue. \- Ensure stickers are correctly displayed on the skins. The primary goal of this project is to increase the accuracy of the skin inspection. It's essential that the stickers are positioned correctly to improve the overall functionality of the skin inspector. Only bid if you have previous experience in CS2 Inspection developement

Algorithm & Library R-Based Ecological Data Visualization freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 33

Project keys/tags: r-programming-language statistics statistical-analysis data-processing data-visualization

Hi. I want to graph and be able to analyze functional diversity. i have sp abundances, sp traits and environmental variable matrixes. For the sp abundances, I have sites as rows and sp as column, for the environmental variables I have sites as rows and variables as columns. For the traits I have species as rows and traits as columns. Additionally I have functional richness indexes as well as functional diversity and evennes. I want to be able to see the functional space in general and per site. I want to find if more functionally diverse species (species more on the borders of the functional space) are located in a specific type of patch (big patches,patches with lots of surrounding forest, patches with large core areas, etc). And just visualize in general. I have tried mFD, FD, funspace p...

Algorithm & Library Need a Capistrano Expert (Rails Deployment with Capistrano, Nginx, Sidekiq, and Puma) freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 30

Project keys/tags: ruby ruby-on-rails nginx

I'm trying to deploy a Ruby application using Nginx, Puma, and Sidekiq with Capistrano. I've set up most of the necessary components and can perform deployments, but I need assistance with a few specific issues. These are tasks that should take a maximum of 1-2 hours to resolve. I've already done much of the work; only the following items remain: 1.I'm having issues with environment variables and production/master.key. 2.I want to achieve zero- downtime deployment with Capistrano, ensuring there is no downtime when deploying to production. 3\. I installed Sidekiq as a gem on Ubuntu and set it up to run as a service. My goal is to ensure that ongoing jobs are not interrupted during deployment. I haven't been able to get this to work perfectly and need it to be error-...

App Custom Progress UI Development for iOS freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 1000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 28

Project keys/tags: mobile-app-development iphone-app-development swift

I'm looking for an experienced iOS Swift developer who can create a custom progress level/path feature. This feature will be user input driven, with a goal of enhancing user engagement. The progress UI should include animations and interactive buttons to make the experience more visually appealing and interactive. Key requirements: \- Develop a custom progress level/path in Swift for iOS \- Implement user input driven interactions \- Design visually appealing animations \- Integrate interactive buttons for enhanced user engagement Ideal candidates should have: \- Proven experience in iOS app development, especially in Swift and UI design \- A strong portfolio of previous work demonstrating engaging user interfaces \- Experience with creating custom progress features \- A keen eye for design...

Algorithm & Library Development of Two Cryptocurrencies: freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 5000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 20

Project keys/tags: php mobile-app-development blockchain cryptocurrency cryptography

Development of Two Cryptocurrencies: StableCoin AEC: A stable cryptocurrency linked to a basket of stable currencies (USD, EUR, gold) to protect against inflation. InversionCoin AEC: A cryptocurrency for investment and speculation with long-term appreciation potential. Wallet and Mobile Application: Development of a secure and user-friendly digital wallet for iOS and Android. Features: buy, sell, store both cryptocurrencies (StableCoin AEC and InversionCoin AEC), and perform payments and transfers.

Web Urgently Need Rust Developer for Backend freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 700 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 30

Project keys/tags: mobile-app-development html c-programming html5 rust

I require a skilled Rust developer who can work on backend development for my project. The primary goal here is to add new features, which will be crucial for the project's functionality. Key Requirements: \- Proficient in Rust, with a strong background in backend development. \- Prior experience in adding new features to existing backends. \- Ability to work swiftly and accurately, as the project is on a tight timeline. Your task will be to integrate these new features seamlessly into the existing backend. This may require a deep understanding of the current setup and the ability to write efficient and maintainable Rust code. If you're comfortable with backend development in Rust, can hit the ground running, and deliver high-quality work promptly, I'd love to hear from you....