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互联网 Vue.js Integration with Bixolon Printer SDK freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-18 05:04:11+08:00

投资预算: 800 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 61

项目关键词/标签: javascript html5 vue-js jquery-prototype vue-js-framework

I'm seeking a skilled Vue.js developer with experience integrating and working with Bixolon printer SDKs. The primary goal of this project is to enable my Vue.js web application to seamlessly and efficiently print both receipts and labels using a Bixolon printer. Key requirements for this project: \- Create a solid integration between my Vue.js application and the Bixolon printer SDK \- Ensure that the application can print both receipts and labels \- Implement any necessary functionality to accommodate for different label sizes and types \- Guarantee that the printing process is smooth, efficient, and reliable If you have experience with Bixolon printer SDKs, are proficient in Vue.js, and can deliver a high-quality, well-documented solution, I'd love to hear from you. Please inclu...

互联网 React JS/Next.js, Tailwind Developer Expert for Informational Website Setup freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-16 21:02:52+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 76

项目关键词/标签: react-js website-design html5 nextjs tailwind-css

I'm seeking an experienced developer proficient in React JS/ and Tailwind to create a distinct and artistic blog for me. Your expertise will transform my vision into a functional and visually-appealing website. What You'll Do: \- Implement an artistic design matching my specifications. \- Integrate a comment section where readers can interact and share ideas. Ideal Skills And Experience: \- Proficiency in React JS/ \- Strong working knowledge of Tailwind CSS \- Experience in creating artistic designs \- Proven experience in blog development. By combining engaging visuals with a user-focused design, let's construct a blog that truly speaks to its audience.

互联网 Advanced MERN Stack FullStack Trainer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-16 19:56:47+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 56

项目关键词/标签: javascript website-design html5 mern-stack less-sass-scss

I'm in search of an advanced trainer for a FullStack web development course focusing on the MERN stack. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding and practical experience in both teaching and implementing full stack applications. It is required for a classroom training in Pune The course will particularly focus on the following aspects of the MERN stack: \- MongoDB \- React \- NodeJS \- UI/UX \- Canvas \- PHP Skills and Experience Required: \- Advanced level knowledge of the MERN stack and its individual components \- Extensive experience in developing FullStack applications \- Prior experience in training or teaching, ideally in a professional setting \- Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner \- Understanding of UI/UX principles \- Experience in game anima...

互联网 Map Enhancement with Coded Square Points freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-16 07:16:36+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 69

项目关键词/标签: javascript php python software-architecture html5

I am working on a physical map and need someone with great attention to detail and programming skills to create square bullet points. The bullet points will carry code I will provide and serve to highlight essential locations on the map. Though I did not specify the programming language, your recommendation is welcomed based on your expertise. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Strong programming skills • Excellent attention to detail • Prior experience with cartography or map-related projects • Knowledge in both Python and JavaScript is a plus, but not required Your task will be to: • Develop square bullet points with embedded codes • Implement these bullet points on my physical map at critical locations Please add any relevant portfolio pieces or exa...

互联网 Full Stack Developer for Mobile App freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-13 07:31:52+08:00

投资预算: 2184 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 94

项目关键词/标签: javascript python mobile-app-development html5 iphone-app-development

I'm looking for a skilled Full Stack Developer to help me with the development of a mobile app for both iOS and Android. In a nutshell, I need someone who can guide me through the process of building an efficient and user-friendly mobile application. Skills in JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails would be a plus. Ideal Skills and Experience: \- Proven experience in developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android \- Proficiency in JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails would be advantageous \- Expertise in Full Stack Development \- Strong understanding of mobile app development \- Good communication and problem-solving skills If you have what it takes to bring my app idea to life, I'd love to hear from you.

互联网 Need an experienced developer for GSAP Animations freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-12 23:13:53+08:00

投资预算: 800 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 91

项目关键词/标签: javascript react-js website-design html5 typescript

Write Asan! Urgent need for a skilled web developer who has substantial experience and expertise in GSAP animations. The project is focused on incorporating these animations into the website to significantly enhance its visual appeal. \- Key objectives include: \- Implementing various entrance animations to captivate the user's attention as they navigate through the site. \- Developing scroll animations to make the browsing experience smooth and engaging. \- Creating interactive animations, particularly interactive timelines, to add a layer of complexity and uniqueness to the site's design. The desired level of interactivity for the animations is complex. This involves the development of interactive timelines, which will require a deep understanding of GSAP and a keen eye for...

互联网 JavaScript Chatbot for Customer Service freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-12 07:08:17+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 121

项目关键词/标签: javascript php java mobile-app-development html5

### Project Description We aim to integrate our API-based chatbot system, developed using Flowise, with a frontend interface similar to ChatGPT. This project involves creating our own Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system, utilizing a PostgreSQL vector database to enable both written and spoken communication with documents. The system will feature a character with text- to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) capabilities, allowing users to create their own chatbots. ### Project Features #### General Features 1\. **User Registration and Management:** \- Users can register and log in to the system. \- Create and edit user profiles. \- Token and interaction management based on membership levels. 2\. **Chatbot Management:** \- Users can create, edit, and delete their own chat...

互联网 Minimalistic PUBG Mobile API Integration freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-06 22:47:51+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 124

项目关键词/标签: javascript php mobile-app-development html5 iphone-app-development

I am looking for an innovative and skilled coder well-versed in JavaScript, with expert experience in integrating APIs. This project entails the deployment of the PUBG Mobile API within a minimalistic yet fully functional user interface. Core requirements: \- Pulling player statistics data from the PUBG Mobile API \- Extracting match history data for analysis and display \- Fetching live match data for real-time updates Expectations on UI: \- A design which is minimalistic yet purposeful. It doesn't have to be flashy, but its functionality should be clear and straightforward. If you have experience specific to gaming APIs or have previously worked with the PUBG Mobile API, your application will be highly regarded. A proven history of creating user interfaces that are clean, intuitive, ...

互联网 Canvas Performance Improvement freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-04 23:13:23+08:00

投资预算: 900 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 129

项目关键词/标签: website-design html5

I'm looking for a skilled canvas designer to enhance the performance of my existing project. The current version has a loading time that is taking longer than desired. Key aspects: \- Improve application's loading speed: The first load is taking too long. \- Maintain existing features: Ensure all features are preserved while improving the loading time. Ideal candidate should have: \- Strong understanding of canvas design and development. \- Proven experience in optimizing loading times for canvas projects. \- Ability to work on existing codebase without compromising existing features.

互联网 Next.js Local Storage User Data Issue freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-03 23:08:36+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 143

项目关键词/标签: javascript php nodejs html5 jquery-prototype

I'm currently facing an issue in saving user data locally within my application. Although I'm utilizing Local Storage for this purpose, the data doesn't seem to be persisting as expected. My ultimate goal here is to cache the user data for offline use. Key Requirements: \- Resolve the issue of user data not being saved locally using Local Storage in \- Ensure the stored data persists through sessions and is available for offline use Ideal Skills: \- Proficient in \- Experience with Local Storage implementation \- Background in caching user data for offline access Your expertise in resolving this issue and optimizing the user data storage locally will be greatly appreciated.

互联网 Windows-Compatible Stable Diffusion Project freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-07-01 23:04:52+08:00

投资预算: 1500 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 162

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development website-design html5 stable-diffusion

I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to work on an image generation project that's compatible with Windows operating system. Key Project Requirements: \- OS Compatibility: The project should be able to work seamlessly on Windows. \- Image Generation: The primary goal of this project is to generate images. Ideal Candidate: \- Proficient in Image Generation: A good understanding and experience in creating image generation algorithms. \- Windows OS Experience: Familiarity with developing software that is compatible with Windows. \- Strong Proposal: Please include a detailed project proposal in your application showcasing your understanding of the task at hand and how you plan to execute it. Looking forward to working with a professional who meets these requirements.

互联网 Abstract Particles Loading Screen Animation in 10Usd freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-29 00:41:08+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 182

项目关键词/标签: javascript website-design html5 web-development psd-to-html

I'm in need of a creative animator who can design and implement a captivating abstract animation for my website. Specifically, I want this to be a loading screen animation. Key Details: \- Animation Style: I'm looking for an abstract animation - something that's visually striking and unique, in line with the modern web aesthetic. \- Color Scheme: The animation needs to adhere to my brand-specific colors, so a good understanding of color theory and how to apply it in an engaging way is crucial. \- Timeline: I need this project done in just 2 days, so you must be able to work efficiently without compromising quality. Your Skills: \- Proficient in animation software, preferably with experience in creating abstract animations. \- A good understanding of color theory and the ability...

互联网 React/JSX Web App Frontend Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-26 23:20:16+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 181

项目关键词/标签: javascript mobile-app-development html5 react-native web-application

I am in search of a talented and experienced front-end developer adept in React and JSX to create a personal web app. This project needs to be completed within a month. Key features I'm looking for: \- User Authentication: Restricting access is a priority. Only registered users should be able to access the web app. Security is paramount. \- Responsive Design: The web app must be mobile and tablet friendly. The design should adapt to various screen sizes and devices. \- Interactive UI: A highly dynamic user interface experience is a must. The interactivity of the app should be smooth and intuitive. Perfect candidates for this project will possess extensive experience in web development projects, with a portfolio of projects showcasing their skills in React, JSX, and the required fea...

互联网 Mobile App Development with Flutter freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-24 04:28:28+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 227

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development nodejs html5 mysql web-hosting

I'm currently seeking a skilled Flutter developer to assist in building a mobile app. Essential Skills and Experience: \- Proficient in Flutter development \- Previous experience in creating mobile apps \- Understanding of UI/UX design principles Key Responsibilities: \- Develop an efficient, user- friendly mobile app \- Provide recommendations for feature implementation \- Ensure timely delivery and bug-free results Please note that the specifics of the app are yet to be confirmed, but the primary goal is to create a seamless user experience.

互联网 iOS Update: UI Redesign & Features freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-23 03:55:08+08:00

投资预算: 800 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 258

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development html5 iphone-app-development swift objective-c

I need an experienced iOS software engineer to update an existing iPhone application. It is crucial that you are proficient in Objective-C, Swift, and Xcode as the current codebase is in Objective-C, but I wish to add new features using Swift. The main areas of focus for this project will be: \- User Interface Redesign: You will need to improve the current UI and enhance the overall user experience. \- Adding New Features: The existing application will need some new functionality, so you will need to be able to integrate these features seamlessly with the existing code. The ideal freelancer for this project will have a strong background in iOS development, with proven experience in both Objective-C and Swift. A portfolio of previous app updates will be highly beneficial.

互联网 Node.js Dev for AI SaaS freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-22 04:56:00+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 210

项目关键词/标签: javascript nodejs html5 typescript

I'm in need of a skilled Node.js developer to assist in continue development of a web application that serves as an AI SaaS platform. Key project details: \- We're developing an AI content generator web application \- The primary purpose of the application is to function as an AI SaaS, so prior experience with AI development or SaaS platforms would be advantageous \- The project updates should be finished in a few days, so I need someone who can work quickly and efficiently Ideal skills and experience: \- Proficiency in Node.js is essential, as this is the primary programming language for the project \- Experience developing web applications is a must, with preference given to those who have worked on AI or SaaS platforms \- A strong understanding of AI and SaaS principles would be ...

互联网 需要 React 开发人员 No.64868bb1ad020be487d60000 推荐 验证

niQin 发布于 2023-07-12 17:42:01+08:00

投资预算: 1000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 2706

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

对开源系统做简单修改,功能点10个以内。大多是调整下布局、API等。 仅限开发人员个人联系,团队或公司勿扰!

互联网 需要熟练的 node.js 开发人员,UI 开发和 graphql API 调用 No.6416b214dbcd22b1306ad4e5 推荐 验证

New Eggs 发布于 2023-07-12 17:42:38+08:00

投资预算: 6000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 2934

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

### 技能需求 - 熟悉 react.js,express.js 的开发,主要是开源项目(严格遵循开源协议)的一些 UI 修改; - 熟悉 graphql API 的调用,需要配合前端展现需要,协助完善数据库(但不涉及数据库设计和开发); ### 合同和付款 - 预算价格仅为参考,具体价格沟通商谈; - 开发周期最长为 2 个月,可签书面合同; - 付款分为四期: - 谈妥或签合同首付 10%; - 测试预上线一个月付 30%; - 验收交付后付 50%; - 运行半年后终付最后 10%。 ### 其它附加 - 个人开发者,团队/公司勿扰; - 海南(尤其是三亚)的开发人员优先,方便线下交流; - 也欢迎海南岛外开发人员,但对线上沟通的要求较高; - 需要开发票; 有意者请联系 QQ:2558256956