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网络应用 Rust to Java (Quarkus) Conversion freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 21:03:58+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 34

项目关键词/标签: java rust git quarkus

I need an experienced developer to convert my existing Rust codebase into Java, specifically using Quarkus. The key functionalities that need to be migrated are database operations and HTTP REST APIs. Key Requirements: \- Conversion of Rust codebase to Java, with a focus on Quarkus framework \- Database operations should be supported using JDBC \- The new Java code should have equivalent HTTP REST APIs as the existing Rust code Ideal Skills: \- Proficiency in Rust and Java \- Experience with Quarkus framework \- Strong understanding of database operations and JDBC \- Familiarity with HTTP REST API development Please note that the successful freelancer will be expected to not only convert the code but also ensure that the functionalities and performance remain consistent with the original Rust ...

网络应用 GO Web Application Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:21:08+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 22

项目关键词/标签: javascript software-architecture website-design golang

I am in need of a skilled GO developer to assist in building a web application with a focus on e-commerce transaction handling. Key Responsibilities: \- Develop a robust web application using GO programming language \- Implement a secure and efficient e-commerce transaction system Ideal Skills/Experience: \- Proficiency in GO programming \- Experience in developing web applications, particularly with a focus on e-commerce \- Understanding of e-commerce transaction management \- Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

网络应用 WEB应用 开源众包

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:16:42+08:00

投资预算: 4000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 551

项目关键词/标签: 未设定


网络应用 Wix Website for Architect & Real Estate Consultant freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:14:02+08:00

投资预算: 900 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 21

项目关键词/标签: php website-design ui-design wix

I am in need of a Wix expert to help me create a professional website that will serve as a showcase for my architectural projects and a platform to offer consultancy services in real estate. Key Requirements: \- Less than 5 pages: The website should be concise yet informative, focusing on the presentation of my work and the services I offer. \- Portfolio Showcase: A visually appealing section that allows me to display my architectural projects. This should be easy to update as I complete new projects. \- Contact Form: An efficient way for potential clients to reach out to me. This should be user-friendly and integrate seamlessly with my email. \- Blog Section: A section to write and share articles related to my work, industry insights, and any other relevant content. This should be easy for m...

网络应用 Windows C++ Application Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:08:41+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 23

项目关键词/标签: software-architecture c-sharp-programming cplusplus-programming c-programming dot-net

I'm in need of an experienced C++ developer to assist in the creation of a new application. The application will primarily run on Windows, so experience in Windows-specific C++ development is crucial. Key Responsibilities: \- Design and develop an efficient, user-friendly application on the Windows platform Required Skills and Experience: \- Proficiency in C++ programming \- Proven experience in application development \- Strong understanding of Windows- specific development \- Ability to write clean, maintainable code \- Previous experience in implementing User Interface design on Windows is a plus The project is at an early stage and I have not yet decided on the program's features. Please be prepared to potentially provide advice and suggestions on the best features for the appli...

网络应用 Modern & Sleek Website for Beard Valor Bistro freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 19:54:50+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 17

项目关键词/标签: php html website-design graphic-design logo-design

Custom Website and Landing Page for Beard Valor Bistro Overview: Beard Valor Bistro is a unique brand that combines premium beard care with culinary inspiration. We are looking to build a professional, visually appealing, and highly functional website on Wix. The website should reflect our brand identity, engage our target audience, and effectively capture client information. Project Scope: 1\. Home Page: Hero Section: High-quality background image featuring our logo and a visually appealing image related to beards and culinary themes. Headline: "Welcome to Beard Valor Bistro" Subheadline: "Where Beard Care Meets Culinary Flair" Call-to-Action (CTA) Button: "Shop Now" or "Learn More" About Us: Brief description of Beard Valor Bistro, highlighting ...

网络应用 Python-Powered Stock Price Extraction freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 19:46:12+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 20

项目关键词/标签: python software-architecture cplusplus-programming r-programming-language web-scraping

I'm looking for a tech-savvy freelancer who is proficient in Python and is well-versed in leveraging the Interactive Brokers API. The primary task for this project is: \- Stock price extraction using the Interactive Brokers API The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with Python, C#, and preferably, familiarity with financial markets and API usage. Expertise in data extraction is a crucial requirement. Experience with Interactive Brokers platform is a plus and would add value to the project execution. Note that the key objective here is to extract accurate and timely stock price information. Hence, proven prior experience in this specific task is highly expected.

网络应用 Employment Screening Web App - JavaScript Expert for CMS Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 19:30:43+08:00

投资预算: 20000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 27

项目关键词/标签: javascript nodejs react-js html5 google-cloud-platform

I'm seeking a knowledgeable full stack developer with proficiency in JavaScript, React, and NodeJS. We are building an MVP for an employment screening web application. It is an exciting project with unique features and ideas. Full details be shared after signing an NDA. \- The Main Focus: Our project centers on building a fully functional web application with a smooth friendly interface, user authentication, and 2 main features that will connect to various APIs. An adept understanding of the fundamental principles of these systems will be critical. \- Tech Stack: In addition to your front and back end skills, I am interested in candidates who are familiar with Google Cloud and Google Datastore or are able to quickly become familiar with it. Experience with similar past projects and...

网络应用 Python-Based Test Case Audit Tool freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 19:21:34+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 32

项目关键词/标签: python java software-architecture linux software-testing

I'm in need of a tailor-made automation tool with specialized functionality. This tool should be capable of: \- Using Python for automation due to its readability and wide range of libraries. \- Identifying errors within test implementations, aiding in the quick and efficient correction of any issues. \- Operating through a Command Line Interface, allowing for a lightweight, flexible, and versatile interaction. Ideal candidates for this job should have significant expertise in Python, a clear understanding of test case development, and experience in creating Command Line Interface tools. Experience in quality assurance and error detection is key.

网络应用 PHP (Yii 2) and Vue.js Developer for E-commerce Site freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 09:10:52+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 43

项目关键词/标签: javascript php vue-js ecommerce yii2

I need a PHP (Yii 2) and Vue.js developer with a proven track record in working on large scale projects Please do not apply, if you have not practically worked on PHP (Yii 2) and Vue.js. The project at hand is an e-commerce platform, hence experience in developing such applications will be a huge plus. Key Features: \- User Registration and Login: The platform will require a secure and user-friendly registration and login system. \- Product Catalog with Filtering: The site will host a wide range of products, thus an efficient product catalog with filtering will be necessary. \- Shopping Cart and Checkout Process: A smooth and intuitive shopping cart and checkout process will be crucial for a seamless user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: \- Proficient in PHP (Yii 2): A deep understan...

网络应用 Web Developer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 08:51:20+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 39

项目关键词/标签: javascript nodejs react-js

Hi guys we have a MERN stack website spillword.com. We would like to add the following functionalities within the subdomain Add voiceover: Same design, functionalities, credit system etc as microsoft azure. Nothing needs to change. Including the left sidebar. There is some frontend already developed. You can check by signing up on Add human avatars. Keep the same design and functionalities as Pls view this document and video for further clarification: Please bid the exact amount you'll charge for this and the time required. include your bid in your cover letter or your proposal will be rejected. Thakyou

网络应用 SaaS Human Resources Web Application freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 08:39:57+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 39

项目关键词/标签: html react-js typescript

I'm in need of a seasoned developer to create a robust Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for managing human resources. This web application will be the cornerstone of our HR operations, so it needs to be comprehensive and reliable. Key Features: \- Employee Database Management: This module is critical for us as we aim to streamline our HR processes and maintain a central repository of all employee-related information. \- Payroll Management: The application should be able to compute salaries, deductions, and other payroll-related tasks. A user-friendly interface is preferred for ease of use. \- Attendance Tracking: This feature will help us monitor and manage employee attendance efficiently. The ideal candidate for this project should have: \- Proven experience in developing web-base...

网络应用 keycool certificate for Dockerfile JAVA (5 stars) freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 03:00:38+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 62

项目关键词/标签: java docker computer-security java-technical-architecture keycloak

THANK YOU for being here - really need some help In our dockerfile we have a few certificate issues for a JAVA application KEYCLOAK We do RUN curl /bla/bla/bla bla RUN copy /bla /bla RUN cd /opt/bitnami/java/lib/security && keytool -keystore cacerts --storepass changeit --noprompt -trustcacerts -alias myalias -file that last line is what is my problem 1) can you help me syntax that LAST line? 2) can YOU guide me to change the PASSWORD please? can you help - any clue ? Will give a 5 Star Review when this is done and will write such inspiring words for you, when done. Please understand; there is hope you can give your "best" price; been unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Please note $10 is the max total that I can handle f...

网络应用 React-based Web Development for Hotels engine boking website x 2 with previous experience in this field freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 21:39:58+08:00

投资预算: 3230 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 59

项目关键词/标签: php nodejs react-js website-design full-stack-development

We are seeking a professional developer skilled in React, Node.js, and Laravel to complete two ongoing projects, with experience in hotel booking websites. Project 1: (Advertising Platform for Luxury Hotels) Current Status: Requires hosting on VPS via HPanel; frontend demo available on request. Tasks: Rebuild the site from scratch to match the provided videos. We can provide a Figma design as well. Front end should be suitable for travelers and interface for the hotels, plus an admin panel. which will control everything Ensure fast, user-friendly, responsive design for iOS and Android. Transfer data from the old site (976 hotels) to the new website and update interface to a new look. Integrate payment methods (Stripe and PayPal). Deadline: Frontend in 2 weeks, admin panel and testing i...

网络应用 Algo-Trading Web & Mobile App Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 19:29:03+08:00

投资预算: 1795 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 60

项目关键词/标签: javascript python software-architecture html5 angular-js

I'm seeking a skilled web and mobile app developer knowledgeable in Python, JavaScript, React, and Angular for an Algo-Trading application. The application should portray a modern, sleek design while ensuring it remains fast and scalable. Primary functionalities I'm interested in: \- User Authentication: Implementation of a secure login system. \- Real-time Data Updates: Must have the ability to provide immediate updates in data for optimal user experience. An ideal candidate will have previous experience in financial technology or trading platforms and demonstrate a strong understanding of data security, complex algorithms, and user interface design. Familiarity with Algo-Trading is a plus.

网络应用 Lead-Generating Web Design Expert Needed -- 2 freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 19:22:21+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 50

项目关键词/标签: html react-js website-design user-interface-ia mern-stack

I'm searching for a skilled UI Designer who specializes in web design to create a lead-generating website for my business. While the specific features weren't outlined, the central goal of this project is to generate business leads, hence an understanding of strategic lead capture planning and implementation is necessary. Required Skills and Experience: \- Proven experience in designing websites to generate leads. \- A strong understanding of the user journey to design a seamless website. \- Excellent proficiency in user interface design. \- Understanding of the latest web design trends, techniques, and technologies. If you are passionate about UI design and have the skills to create a website focused on generating leads, I would love to hear from you.

网络应用 Professional programmer to implement an ASP.NET WebForm project in VB.NET freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 19:16:13+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 44

项目关键词/标签: html dot-net asp-net vb-net google-apis

I am looking for a highly experienced professional programmer proficient in developing web applications using ASP.NET WebForm with VB.NET and HTML. The project involves building a six-page website that provides a service for submitting and approving requests by employees. The pages are as follows: 1\. New Registration/Login 2\. Admin Page for Account Activation 3\. Request Submission Page with Attachments 4\. Search and Report Generation Page 5\. Request Review Page with Approval or Rejection Option 6\. Final Approval Page **Creating a Professional User Interface:** \- Design responsive and attractive web pages using HTML and CSS. \- Ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience. **Website Functionality Development:** \- Use ASP.NET WebForm with VB.NET to develop application logic. \- Integ...

网络应用 Advanced Python Web Application Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 08:46:18+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 86

项目关键词/标签: python react-js typescript flask graphql

I am in immediate need of a top-tier, experienced web application developer. This task requires expertise in a robust and varied tech stack that includes Python, Flask, GraphQL, React, Redix-UI, TailwindCSS, and TypeScript. Primary Requirements: \- Advanced proficiency in Python, Flask, GraphQL, React, Redix- UI, TailwindCSS, and TypeScript \- Experience in creating highly functional, feature-rich web applications \- Ability to begin work immediately \- Strong technical documentation skills This is for Phase 1 of a project where I need someone to review an abandoned Github repository, understand how the code works, and create technical documentation for my team. Expected duration for this phase is 10-15 hours total across 1 week. If Phase 1 is delivered successfully, I would then look at...