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应用程序 Android React Native Developer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:34:10+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 30

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development android react-native typescript flutter

I'm looking for a React Native developer to assist with creating an Android application. project for home improvement services \- two ReactNative apps -> One app for users to raise tickets and all user features -> One app for technicians to accept the order and to track the order status \- admin dashboard -> React-based admin dash with full options management using in the backend : \- express + MongoDB everywhere : \- TypeScript deadline : by the 10th July budget : 500$ I have Design Ready, We Need just Development.

应用程序 Android App Developer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:29:29+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 32

项目关键词/标签: java software-architecture mobile-app-development android

I need an experienced Android developer to help me create a user-friendly app with integrated camera functionality for photo capture and real-time video streaming. Key Features: \- The app should include a user-friendly login and registration system. \- It should support push notifications and in-app purchases. \- Most importantly, it should have a functional camera module. The camera should be capable of: \- Crop and Capturing photos: The app needs to allow users to crop photo like barcode scan app. \- Real-time video streaming: The app should also provide a feature for real-time video streaming like previus point. Ideal Skills: \- Strong experience in Android app development. \- Prior projects involving camera integration. \- Knowledge of implementing user authentication and payment system...

应用程序 React Native Expert for App Load Issue freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:02:47+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 24

项目关键词/标签: react-native ios-development

I am experiencing an issue with my current React Native project. Specifically, my application crashes during the loading process. I consistently encounter error messages during this phase. I require a freelancer who can effectively troubleshoot and solve this problem. \- The task involves understanding, diagnosing, and fixing the build issue. \- Freelancers with a robust knowledge of React Native and previous experience in solving app crashing problems are the ideal candidates. \- Experience in debugging and error handling is crucial. \- Freelancers with good problem-solving abilities and attention to detail are most suitable for this project.

应用程序 Solana Bot Development: DApp Expert Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 19:38:26+08:00

投资预算: 800 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 26

项目关键词/标签: javascript php blockchain solana bot-development

We are seeking an experienced developer to create and maintain a Telegram Solana bot. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of cryptocurrency trading, particularly within the Solana ecosystem, and possess the technical skills necessary to develop a reliable and efficient bot. *You may need to work in conjunction with other developers to fast track this project Ideal Skills: \- Proficiency in Solana blockchain development \- Experience with creating and integrating bots Please provide a portfolio of your previous Solana projects and bot development experience.

应用程序 手机APP自动驾驶车辆召唤 开源众包 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 16:04:43+08:00

投资预算: 10000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 324

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

用户用手机APP召唤自动驾驶车辆到用户当前的位置 输入:mqtt协议,接收车端车辆位置信息(经纬度),各站点位置信息,小巴路线信息 距离下一站距离信息,下一站站点名称 输出:mqtt协议,预约位置信息,目的地位置信息,预约时间信息 APP界面内容: 1. 地图信息 2. 地图上可显示手机用户位置图标,地图上可选择预约位置和目的地位置 3. 也可直接在站点列表中选择预约位置和目的地位置 4. 在地图中实时显示车辆位置,小巴路线信息 5. 文字提示下一站名称、剩余距离、到站时间

应用程序 接单软件APP 开源众包

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 16:03:48+08:00

投资预算: 10000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 332

项目关键词/标签: java

前端app或小程序下单,后台管理端接单后拍照上传。 限广东地区。

应用程序 Women's Travel Connection App Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 07:11:53+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 65

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development react-native ui-design flutter user-experience-design

Description: I am looking for a motivated mobile app developer, preferably a student or someone early in their career, to create an MVP of Girl Gang. This app aims to connect women travelers through mutual friends, helping them build supportive friendships while traveling or relocating. This is a personal project and an excellent opportunity for someone to gain experience and build their portfolio. Key Features for MVP: User Profiles with Interest Survey: Users create profiles and select their interests from a predefined list. Profiles display only the selected interests. Connection Map: Users can indicate who they know, and these social links will be visible on their profiles. Location-Based Search: Simple drop-down menus for users to select their current country, state, and city. Users ...

应用程序 Safety Culture Boost: Comprehensive Mobile App freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 07:02:32+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 69

项目关键词/标签: java mobile-app-development android html5 iphone-app-development

I am seeking to develop a cross-platform mobile application that will be pivotal in nurturing a safety culture among construction workers, safety managers, and supervisors. The app should incorporate several core features: \- A robust interface for reporting hazards in the workspace. \- A platform hosting safety training materials to ensure the users are equipped with safety knowledge and skills. \- A component for incident documentation, which effectively enables recording and tracking of safety incidents onsite. \- Daily safety messages and weekly toolbox talks to maintain constant communication and keep safety at the forefront. Potential freelancers are expected to possess skills in Android and iOS development, an understanding of UX/UI for a diverse user base, and ideally, some familiar...

应用程序 Form Development with Power Apps freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 23:05:12+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 55

项目关键词/标签: c-sharp-programming sharepoint power-bi power-automate monday-com

I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create and integrate a form with my SharePoint lists using Power Apps. Key Requirements: \- Develop a simple yet effective form using Power Apps \- Integrate this form with my existing SharePoint lists \- Ensure data input in the form is accurately captured and updated in the relevant SharePoint lists Ideal Skills: \- Proficiency in Power Apps and SharePoint \- Experience in form development and integration \- Strong attention to detail to ensure accurate data transfer \- Ability to deliver a user-friendly and efficient form

应用程序 Ride-Sharing App Development (English/Spanish) freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 21:26:18+08:00

投资预算: 3000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 66

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development android website-design iphone-app-development graphic-design

I'm looking to build a ride-sharing app similar to Uber or Indrive but in rent a car, available in English and Spanish. Key Features: \- Real-time driver tracking \- Online payment system \- Register vehicles and their owners who wish to rent them \- Direct vehicle rental from the owner \- Vehicle reservation for future dates User Types: \- Clients \- Vehicle Owners \- Everyone above Ideal Skills: \- Proficient in English and Spanish (bilingual is a strong plus) \- Experience with ride-sharing app development \- Knowledge of real-time tracking systems \- Familiarity with online payment gateways \- Prior work on user registration & vehicle management \- UI/UX design skills for a user-friendly app

应用程序 Sharepoint, Power Apps, PowerBI Integration freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 09:01:10+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 93

项目关键词/标签: c-sharp-programming sql sharepoint microsoft-access power-bi

I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to integrate and develop Sharepoint lists, Power Apps, and PowerBI with specific functionalities. The key features to integrate are: \- Custom forms \- Data visualization \- Data analysis \- Integration of different Microsoft platforms \- Database creation \- Dashboard creation In terms of specific requirements, I need: \- Seamless data transfer \- Real-time data synchronization \- User authentication For database integration, the following security measures are needed: \- Basic security measures \- Encryption for sensitive data \- User access control The ideal freelancer for this project should have substantial experience in Sharepoint, Power Apps, PowerBI, and secure database integration. Familiarity with creating custom forms and dashboards, and r...

应用程序 C-Programmer for Chimney Kitchen Appliance freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 08:34:03+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 93

项目关键词/标签: python html c-programming website-design dot-net

I'm seeking a proficient C-programmer who can help me design software for a Kitchen Chimney Appliance. This project will involve: \- Creating the core functionalities in C. \- Ensuring the main purpose of the software focuses on automation. It's particularly important that the freelancer has: \- Strong proficiency in C++. \- Experience in developing software for home appliances is beneficial, particularly any kitchen appliance. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply with examples of your previous work. I'm looking forward to working with you.

应用程序 2D Cartoon Tower Defense Game for Android freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 07:09:16+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 76

项目关键词/标签: android illustration animation game-design caricature-cartoons

You should craft a quick and easy game to program, very similar to GrowCastle. The art style should be very cartoonish and appealing to younger audiences. The archers in the grow castle should be replaced by modern mortar units; the swordsman should be replaced by a very handsome man with blonde hair and no shirt with a shorter sword. the wizard should be an old dude with a staff, and the front page should be replaced by a very hot, sexually appealing woman who can attack through earthquake powers. The code should be easy to adjust, adding new characters and different types of gameplay. the upgrade system should be the same, and the shop should be similar, giving users the ability to pay to win. Reach out to schedule a call to perfect the details.

应用程序 Cross-Platform Software and App Creation freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 03:57:12+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 106

项目关键词/标签: php software-architecture mobile-app-development android iphone-app-development

I am seeking an experienced developer who can design and build a cross- platform software and app compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Key Features: \- User registration and login system \- Chat messaging interface \- Payment processing capabilities Ideal Skills & Experience: \- Proficiency in cross-platform software and app development. \- Experience in implementing user registration, chat messaging, and payment processing functionalities. \- In-depth knowledge of iOS, Android, and Windows systems. The timeline for this project is flexible and there's no specific deadline. Your expertise and ability to deliver a high quality, fully-functioning software and app are of utmost importance. I look forward to seeing your proposals.

应用程序 Android App Activity Result Launcher Debug freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 00:31:26+08:00

投资预算: 900 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 69

项目关键词/标签: java mobile-app-development android

I'm currently working on an Android app using Android Studio. The app is designed to capture images and display them through a URI, for which I'm utilizing an activity result launcher. However, the release APK of the application is presenting the URI string instead of showing the image. Strangely, this issue is not present with the debug APK. I need a talented and experienced Android developer who can help me resolve this problem, ensuring that the release APK functions correctly. Key requirements: \- Experience with Android Studio and activity result launcher \- Expertise in debugging and resolving Android app issues \- Understanding of the differences between debug and release APKs The ideal freelancer should be able to diagnose and fix this issue promptly, ensuring the applic...

应用程序 Privacy-focused iOS Recording App Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-12 00:07:13+08:00

投资预算: 800 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 62

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development ios-development

I want Private Screen recording +Call Recording+ Voice Recording & Video Recording App in stealth mode IOS iphone. You should have Experience in Spy App domain, You should be very fully aware of the challenges and should know how to make a spy app a successful project without any loopholes. You will completed develop app that will work perfectly all the features on a non- rooted device. The List of Features in a spy app are: • Sms Logs • Call Logs • GPS Location • Call Recording • Screen+Voice+Video Recording • ScreenShot • Social Media Chats & Messages ( WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Line etc ) for all devices \- VOIP Calls History

应用程序 Interactive Educational App Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-11 23:41:34+08:00

投资预算: 800 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 75

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development android iphone-app-development game-development game-design

I'm in need of developing a mobile application focused on education with the primary feature being interactive learning games. The ideal professional should have: \- Proven experience in designing and developing educational apps, specifically with a focus on interactive games. \- Excellent understanding of effective pedagogical methods for learning through interactive games. \- Exceptional technical abilities in mobile application development. Your role will include conceptualizing, designing, developing, and testing the app. Please include previous experiences in educational game app development in your proposal.

应用程序 Data Management Desktop Application Developer freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-11 20:07:11+08:00

投资预算: 3000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 105

项目关键词/标签: python java c-sharp-programming c-programming dot-net

I'm seeking a skilled developer to assist me in the creation of a desktop application that specializes in efficient data management. This application will be crucial to my daily operations and needs to be both powerful and user- friendly. Develop software that can cummincate with the NVR via API. Software to be friendly use and support Arabic language. Software to import the data from the NVR and generate reports of the attendance. Data in the reports will be filterd from the data recived from the NVR, for example: Face 1 did show up on the sites cameras about 10 each day, software to use the first face capture (time stamp) as the check-in time, also to use the very last capture (time stamp) as the check-out time. The daily attendance from the point 4 above can be used again for the m...