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网络应用 Rust to Java (Quarkus) Conversion freelancer 推荐

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投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 34

项目关键词/标签: java rust git quarkus

I need an experienced developer to convert my existing Rust codebase into Java, specifically using Quarkus. The key functionalities that need to be migrated are database operations and HTTP REST APIs. Key Requirements: \- Conversion of Rust codebase to Java, with a focus on Quarkus framework \- Database operations should be supported using JDBC \- The new Java code should have equivalent HTTP REST APIs as the existing Rust code Ideal Skills: \- Proficiency in Rust and Java \- Experience with Quarkus framework \- Strong understanding of database operations and JDBC \- Familiarity with HTTP REST API development Please note that the successful freelancer will be expected to not only convert the code but also ensure that the functionalities and performance remain consistent with the original Rust ...

算法类库 API Data Integration Specialist Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:59:34+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 21

项目关键词/标签: php java software-architecture mysql database-programming

I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me integrate data between two APIs. I need to pull data from one API and regularly push it to another one. Key Requirements: \- You should have a solid understanding of API data integration. \- The synchronization should occur on an hourly basis. Ideal Skills and Experience: \- Proficiency in working with APIs. \- Experience with data integration projects. \- Knowledge of best practices for data synchronization. \- Ability to work on a project with regular hourly updates. Summary: I need to develop a system where I can pull certain data from one API set () save it to a system in the middle which I will host myself and then take that info and push it into another system via API ( ~1v2~1baseloads~1/post). My middleware portal must be devel...

算法类库 Advanced FiveM Developer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:55:40+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 29

项目关键词/标签: javascript vue-js lua backend-development frontend-development

I'm in need of a seasoned FiveM Developer with exceptional skills in Lua scripting, server configuration, custom resource development, custom script, and both frontend and backend development. Your primary focus will be on creating custom scripts and implementing them into the server. Desired Skills and Experience: \- Proficiency in Lua scripting and server configuration is crucial as you will be responsible for creating and implementing custom scripts. \- Experience in custom resource development, particularly in FiveM, is a big plus. \- A strong background in both frontend and backend development will be beneficial for this project.

算法类库 Ongoing Next.js Development Project freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:52:07+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 32

项目关键词/标签: javascript nodejs react-js css nextjs

I'm in search of a skilled developer for my ongoing project. The main responsibilities include both frontend and backend development as we are enhancing an existing website. Key Responsibilities: \- Perform frontend development tasks using \- Contribute to backend development \- Enhance the existing website with new features and improvements Ideal Skills and Experience: \- Proficiency in \- Strong background in frontend and backend development \- Previous experience with enhancing and maintaining existing websites \- Ability to work well in a team and communicate effectively

工具软件 excel自动处理程序 开源众包 推荐

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投资预算: 5000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 163

项目关键词/标签: python

背景: 公司每天从不同证券公司通过邮箱接收到excel文件,excel文件的格式固定 要求: 1、从邮箱下载这些文件excel到固定目录保存(这个功能不做也可以,可以通过公司人手现实) 2、读取这些excle文件(有几种不同格式,但大同小异,而且每类格式固定),提取其中固定数据,并储存到本地数据库 3、根据这些数据,生成简单的报告(报告格式固定)

应用程序 Android React Native Developer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:34:10+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 30

项目关键词/标签: mobile-app-development android react-native typescript flutter

I'm looking for a React Native developer to assist with creating an Android application. project for home improvement services \- two ReactNative apps -> One app for users to raise tickets and all user features -> One app for technicians to accept the order and to track the order status \- admin dashboard -> React-based admin dash with full options management using in the backend : \- express + MongoDB everywhere : \- TypeScript deadline : by the 10th July budget : 500$ I have Design Ready, We Need just Development.

算法类库 echars背景图放大不失真 开源众包 推荐

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投资预算: 4000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 134

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

echars背景图放大不失真 目前使用了color的纹理填充实现背景图,放大后会出现杂点 image: imageDom, // 支持为 HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement,不支持路径字符串 repeat: 'repeat' // 是否平铺,可以是 'repeat-x', 'repeat-y', 'no-repeat' 图片尺寸大约有2Wpx长宽,初始尺寸是1280px 如果以其它方式能实现类似效果也可以,不一定非要用大图放大

算法类库 钓鱼赛事小程序 开源众包

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投资预算: 10000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 136

项目关键词/标签: 未设定


游戏 游戏开发 开源众包

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投资预算: 2500 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 126

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

C++逆向工程 C#这方面的 项目 来人接

应用程序 Android App Developer Needed freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:29:29+08:00

投资预算: 700 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 32

项目关键词/标签: java software-architecture mobile-app-development android

I need an experienced Android developer to help me create a user-friendly app with integrated camera functionality for photo capture and real-time video streaming. Key Features: \- The app should include a user-friendly login and registration system. \- It should support push notifications and in-app purchases. \- Most importantly, it should have a functional camera module. The camera should be capable of: \- Crop and Capturing photos: The app needs to allow users to crop photo like barcode scan app. \- Real-time video streaming: The app should also provide a feature for real-time video streaming like previus point. Ideal Skills: \- Strong experience in Android app development. \- Prior projects involving camera integration. \- Knowledge of implementing user authentication and payment system...

算法类库 工具应用 开源众包

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投资预算: 10000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 422

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

加密U盘的数据恢复: 加密U盘忘记了密码,如何将数据恢复出来? 需要二次开发提供一个工具软件能够自主操作恢复数据。

算法类库 工具应用 开源众包

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:25:58+08:00

投资预算: 10000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 382

项目关键词/标签: 未设定

加密U盘的数据恢复: 加密U盘忘记了密码,如何将数据恢复出来? 需要二次开发提供一个工具软件能够自主操作恢复数据

算法类库 AI/ML Developer for Real Estate Data Training freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:25:10+08:00

投资预算: 600 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 28

项目关键词/标签: python machine-learning tensorflow pytorch pandas

I'm looking for an expert AI/ML developer to help build an AI solution tailored for regulatory and government organizations. This project involves working with real estate data to create a Sandbox version of the solution. Key Skills: \- Proficiency with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) \- Experience with real estate data analysis is beneficial Project Scope: \- Develop an AI/ML model that can train on various types of real estate data including, but not limited to property listings, sales transaction data, historical price data, and real estate valuation data. \- You will be essential in implementing a Sandbox version of the solution. Ideal candidates should have prior experience with similar projects. If you have experience building innovative AI/ML solutio...

设计 天线通信范围绘图模型需求 开源众包 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:24:42+08:00

投资预算: 50000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 537

项目关键词/标签: javascript gis

天线通信范围绘图模型需求 一、主要需求描述: 根据提供的三维坐标点的集合绘制出多个雷达站点的通信范围曲面体,如果多个站点之间是相交的时候,绘制成一个连通的曲面体,而不是多个交叉在一起的那种形式。 单个站点的曲面体大致形状:见附件 多个站点的形状:见附件 多个站点的时候要求消除交集部分相交的效果,实现连通在一起的一个整体曲面体效果。 二.详细要求 1.语言使用jsvascript,能方便和基于cesium等框架的gis系统进行集成,如果能和mars3d这个框架的图层进行集成最优。 2.以绘图模型函数的方式提供,能方便在输入坐标集合数据和中心点坐标时渲染出图形。 3.这些坐标点不是完全理想状态中的点,是根据地形数据进行射线遮蔽计算后去除了遮蔽的点,在缺失点的缺口地方要能做到比较平滑过渡,最好是弧形。 4.在加入干扰源后随着干扰源位置及距离的变化,通信范围坐标点集合数据会变化,这时候调用绘图模型后可能这个通信包会有类似于凹陷的这种效果,凹陷效果样子大致如下:见附件 要能够支持。 5. 坐标点集合数据变化的时候绘图重新渲染的速度要有保证,不能出现卡顿现象。 6. 完成交付后如果有bug或者小的优化我们做不了的要帮忙做下,不能撒手不管(出现概率不太大的)。

算法类库 H5应用 开源众包

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:23:18+08:00

投资预算: 5000 人民币 - 可议价 浏览数量: 583

项目关键词/标签: 未设定


网络应用 GO Web Application Development freelancer 推荐

数据聚合于 2024-06-13 20:21:08+08:00

投资预算: 1000 美元 - 可议价 浏览数量: 22

项目关键词/标签: javascript software-architecture website-design golang

I am in need of a skilled GO developer to assist in building a web application with a focus on e-commerce transaction handling. Key Responsibilities: \- Develop a robust web application using GO programming language \- Implement a secure and efficient e-commerce transaction system Ideal Skills/Experience: \- Proficiency in GO programming \- Experience in developing web applications, particularly with a focus on e-commerce \- Understanding of e-commerce transaction management \- Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail