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Algorithm & Library 模拟考试题库刷题流量主小程序 开源众包 Recommended

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1、单选题、、判断题、 2、支持流量主设置 3,错题本、收藏试题、排行榜、积分兑换、勋章管理、分享得积分等等~支持题干、选项的数学公式录入 4.支持指定题库付费、支持指定知识点付费功能 5、支持知识点管理

Algorithm & Library AI视频监控 开源众包

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Algorithm & Library 物联网无线技术验证 开源众包 Recommended

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**一、背景概述:** a、采集3路频谱信号,2路用内置16bit ADC、1路用外部24bit ADC。 c、zigbee无线传输:采用星型拓扑,协调可接收管理40-50个终端的采样数据; d、Zigbee周期性启动,蓝牙通讯随机启动; e,低功耗运行场景 **二、开发环境/条件** 1,采用EFR32MG24A系列处理器; 2,采用EFR32MG24A处理器开发板进行MCU外设功能及无线通讯功能、协议验证 **三、任务内容:** 1,验证MCU可实现三路信号的高速、同步采样,采样频率(数据速率)不低于51.2K; 2,验证512k、2M个点的连续数据采样,并存储; 3,实现并验证MCU内部ADC的抗混叠信号处理设计; 4,验证确认在32768个采样点下进行FFT变换的时间周期(可提供变换算法); 5,无线通讯验证: a、Zigbee是否可以无需入网(注册)环节即可实现与协调器之间的数据传输(50个终端); b、Zigbee与BLE蓝牙之间低功耗工作模式切换,并验证蓝牙200ms广播间隔下的最低功耗值; c、Zigbee外部触发唤醒方案 6,验证OTA功能; **四、补充说明** 1,MCU裸跑或用RTOS不限 2,输出完整的工程文件(程序代码有详细注解)

Algorithm & Library 专业安卓二次开发 开源众包

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Algorithm & Library Advanced Betting Model Development freelancer Recommended

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I am in search of a well-qualified developer to create a sophisticated betting model. The focus sport(s) are not specified; therefore, the model must be adaptable to a range of sports. The essential features to incorporate into the model include: 1\. Historical Data Analysis: Effective integration of past data in predicting future outcomes is crucial. The ideal candidate should employ statistical analysis and pattern recognition to make sense of this data and use it for forecasting. 2\. Real-Time Odds Updates: The model should be updated in real-time with betting odds changes. Key skills include expertise in statistical analysis, pattern recognition, sports betting, and model development. Database management will also be helpful considering the extent of historical data involved. The fin...

Algorithm & Library 抖店到家外卖需求文档 开源众包 Recommended

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抖店到家外卖需求文档 一、商品管理 接口对接后可以对菜品进行批量査询、修改价格、修改库存、上下架等操作,降低餐饮品牌维护多套菜品的成本。本期暂不支持通过API接口创建、编辑菜品。 二、订单管理 订单营理是支持外卖商家交易的较心流程,是各三方I5V和自研商家对按料音的外卖业务必不可少的环节。通过以下接口,可以实现按单,拒单,查询订单详情等关键动作。(主要对接方案二,能够绑定飞鹅、得力云、易联云、芯烨云小票机,能够设置自动接单) 三、门店管理 获取门店信息,操作门店暂停营业和恢复营业 四、管理界面可以参照下面的界面布局做 五、其他要求 采用BS架构,C#语言。前后端分离,后端:.NET Core版本:前端:vue2。

App Mobile App for Air Compressor Tools freelancer Recommended

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Job Description: We are a brand owner specializing in air compressor tools and accessories, looking to bridge the gap between our tools and technology by creating a simple yet functional mobile app for our customers. We are seeking an experienced mobile app developer (or development team) to build a cross- platform mobile application for both iOS and Android. Project Overview: The app will be free for users to download via IOS or Android and will include the following features: 1\. Product Instructions and Video Tutorials o Content Management System (CMS) for uploading and managing product instructions and videos. o Search functionality for users to find specific content. 2\. Register for Warranty o User authentication for account creation and login. o Form submission for warranty registra...

Game 抖音象棋小游戏 开源众包 Recommended

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因为前一个合作方弄了3个月都没解决卡顿的问题,所以本次合作仅接受有成品或者开发工期在1个月以内的合作方 抖音象棋小游戏功能如下: 1.人机对战 2.残局 3.支招、悔棋接入抖音广告主,看广告获得次数进行消费 4.后端用抖音云服务不单独购买 5.机器人需要接入第三方

Algorithm & Library K-12 Interactive Live Stream+Analytics Platform freelancer Recommended

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I'm looking for an expert developer who can build a comprehensive platform for K-12 classes that combines live streaming and video analytics functionalities. \- The platform should have the following live streaming features: * Interactive chatroom for students * Screen sharing capabilities for teachers * Recording and playback functionality for both live classes and pre-recorded videos \- The video analytics should be data-driven and should include: * Monitoring student engagement * Analyzing video performance * Providing individualized student progress reports Ideally, the candidate should have prior experience in building similar platforms. Additionally, a solid understanding of K-12 educational requirements and how live streaming solutions can enhance both teaching and...

Algorithm & Library Windows Push Notification System Developer Needed freelancer Recommended

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As an ambitious project owner, I am searching for an experienced developer to assist in creating a push notification system for both desktop and web-based applications. Confident working with .Net, Azure, and AWS Cloud, the right candidate will apply their skills to design a system that integrates efficiently with chat and video conferencing systems. Skills and Experience Required: (4 Years) \- Proficiency in coding languages .Net, Azure, and AWS Cloud \- Experience in developing both desktop and web-based applications \- Familiarity with integrating applications with chat and video conferencing systems Your role will entail crafting a seamless push notification system that enhances our user experience whilst complementing our existing systems. If you're dedicated, results-driven and h...

Algorithm & Library Inkscape customization freelancer Recommended

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We want to customize the Inkscape program to suit our needs. Cutting patterns on TPU PPF film. Using cutter plotter. At the moment, this is the development of plugins for the further formation of the program. We consider each plugin as a separate modification to a separate developer. You can choose the task with which you are familiar. Plugins like \- Nesting (formation of optimal placement of patterns on the form (width and height are specified) \- WRAP function increases the vibrated area of ​​a part of the pattern by a given length. \- Plugin for cutting on a plotter. with support for a list of plotters, or plug and play. \- embed web viewer - for downloading and automatically importing files into the working area of ​​the program. \- create your own file extension. so that only our versi...

Algorithm & Library 工具应用 开源众包

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Web 兼职JAVA开发(长期合作) 开源众包 Recommended

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岗位职责: 1\. 各类项目需求开发; 2\. 优化系统,保障系统的稳定性; 3\. 技术攻关合作。 任职要求: 1\. 五年以上JAVA开发经验,JAVA基础扎实并有良好的开发习惯; 2 .熟悉SpringBoot、SpringCloud、MyBatis等技术框架; 3\. 熟悉jQuery、Vue开发,熟练使用前端组件库; 4\. 熟悉MySQL、PostgresSQL、Oracle等主流数据库; 5\. 熟悉软件开发流程,熟悉常用开发工具,如Git、Maven等; 6\. 有较多业余时间。

Algorithm & Library 饿了么小程序商品采集 开源众包 Recommended

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饿了么小程序商品采集 一、采集饿了么小程序,通过小程序采集采集相关类目的商品 二、有两种采集方案,一个是通过H5页面采集,另外一个是通过小程序采集,可以在这两个界面进行切换。 三、导出的数据要能导出美团数据、饿了么数据、京东秒送数据,通过导出相关的模板,上传到对应的平台。 四、采用BS架构,C#语言。前后端分离,后端:.NET Core版本:.NET 6.0.25 前端:vue3。 五、通过融合bs的方式融合html界面,实现与目前桌面程序的融合。

Algorithm & Library 内网搭建qwen2进行训练 开源众包 Recommended

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在内网搭建qwen2,然后让qwen2使用单位内部的文档,doc和excel进行训练,最后达到能根据内部文档回答问题的程度。 内网有nvidia的P4和T4,cuda12.0,然后系统是centos,因为不能联网,yum很麻烦。 写出文档如何搭建qwen2,并且如何使用doc和excel的文档训练,可以先在互联网租服务器(费用我自己出),一步步如何搭建和复现。

Algorithm & Library 美团外卖+美团闪购数据分析功能 开源众包 Recommended

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一、对接美团闪购和美团外卖数据相关数据,主要获取销量、差评、排行、活动数据等内容,都是从美团后台获取的内容。 二、采用BS架构,C#语言。前后端分离,后端:.NET Core版本:.NET 6.0.25 前端:vue3。 三、开发windows环境,不需要小程序和APP 四、账号登录管理这边提供,只需要将里面的功能按照金鲨数据进行开发即可。 五、通过融合bs的方式融合html界面,实现与目前桌面程序的融合。 六、具体参照发的视频 七、没有美团的正规接口,需要通过账号和密码登录后,抓取相关的接口。

Algorithm & Library 饿了么零售和饿了么外卖商品复制功能 开源众包 Recommended

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一、将一个美团门店的商品、折扣、商品排序、海报复制到饿了么门店,可以选择单个门店复制,也可以同时勾选多个门店同时复制。 二、需要实现、美团闪购(包含医药)复制到饿了么零售(包含医药),美团餐饮复制到饿了么餐饮。需要做两个复制页面。 三、美团没有开发者资质,通过美团账号和密码登录,登录后通过自动化获取商品信息,并复制到饿了么对应的平台。 四、采用BS架构,C#语言。前后端分离,后端:.NET Core版本:.NET 6.0.25 前端:vue3。 五、通过融合bs的方式融合html界面,实现与目前桌面程序的融合。